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when ears grow deaf from empty words


Andie. Canadian and an avid slasher. Though she now ships in both the Harry Potter and Supernatural fandom, HP was the first love (♥ still!). Supernatural has slowly taken over her life, and Sam/Dean and Jsquared rank alongside H/D and Snarry. :D House is sortof slowly fading from fandom-view, now; not that it was every very active. The English language is a beauty, and it's a shame that it's being abused to the extent it is. So 133t speak = nono. Now this has just been reduced to rambling. Moonlight's a new fandom, as is Bionic Woman. Moving on!

Anything here squicks you? Then leave. Same if you're close-minded, prejudiced and bigoted. Thanks! Much appreciated.

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freedom of speech, supernatural, twirling in goddamn snow, whee!